Drug Ring Busted

Law Enforcement has arrested 14 people in their efforts to dismantle a methamphetamine ring in Central Indiana.

According to an Indictment from the US Attorney the ring started back in 2014 and continued until police arrested the parties involved on Wednesday. It took officers in three counties to arrest everyone suspected in the ring. The indictment states that three people from Indianapolis produced the meth and gave it to a couple from Mooresville who then distributed it to more parties. Those people would then take the drug and redistribute it through the Terre Haute, Indianapolis, Mooresville and Martinsville areas. Almost all of the suspects are facing meth distribution charges with some facing additional charges related to items police found while serving warrant. Police did seize 13lbs of finished meth and two dozen firearms.    Reports say a Dubois County woman was one of those arrested in the investigation and that was Amanda Dill of Dubois, Indiana.