Hoosier Lottery celebrating 3 decades

(NETWORK INDIANA)   The Hoosier Lottery is 30 years old. That’s 30 years of putting money into several funds supported by the Lottery. It’s also 30 years of winners, or as the Lottery calls them, beneficiaries.

The games started Oct. 13, 1989. Many people remember a TV show that ended in 2005, called “Hoosier Millionaire”.

“The Hoosier Millionaire show…was a program that everyone joined in with their family members to watch. I love that legacy. I love that nostalgia,” said Sarah Taylor, executive director of the Hoosier Lottery, on First Day with Terri Stacy.

She said 191 people became millionaires on the show.

“Our mission has always been to maximize revenue to the State of Indiana in a socially responsible way,” said Taylor. “The legislature says, every year you’re going to deposit monies for the police and fire pension fund, the teacher retirement fund, and the Build Indiana fund, which helps offset the motor vehicle excise tax, like when you get your license plate.”

Taylor said $6 billion has gone to those funds in 30 years. She said the Hoosier Lottery has also made $13 billion.

She said there have been winners in all 92 counties, and new games are coming out almost every month.

Taylor also promised upgrades to the Hoosier Lottery website, to include a more personalized experience.

“Maybe you enjoy scratch-offs more than like a big draw game. And, so the content you’ll receive will be more specific to your areas of interest,” she said.