Rail yard project at Crane delayed, funds going to border wall

Some of the Pentagon funds President Trump is diverting to start building the border wall will come from Indiana.

The Crane ammunition plant and the Indiana Air National Guard base in Terre Haute were supposed to get 24-million dollars early next year for construction projects. Instead, those projects are part of three-point-eight-billion dollars the Pentagon is redirecting to build 60 miles of border fence.

Congress has refused to appropriate money for the wall, even when Republicans still controlled the House. The Supreme Court ruled in July President Trump can use money appropriated for other Defense Department projects — at least for now. A constitutional challenge is still playing out in lower courts.

Six weeks after the Supreme Court ruling, the Pentagon has released the list of what projects will be affected. Indiana will lose 24-million dollars earmarked for an arms range at Terre Haute’s Hulman Regional Airport, and a rail yard at the Army ammunition plant in Crane.

Indiana Senator Mike Braun (R) says on WISH-T-V while it’s “sad” that Indiana projects are affected, it’s a necessary step to tighten border security. He says the projects aren’t being canceled, just delayed.

The Pentagon is taking money from more than 100 projects in 26 states and territories and from overseas bases. Defense Secretary Mark Esper says it’ll pay for 60 miles of fence in Texas, Arizona, and California, and 57 miles of secondary fencin