New Government Center won’t open until at least July


     The new Daviess County Government Center is making slow but steady steps toward completion, but the Daviess County Commissioners heard Tuesday that the June 5th target date for completion will most likely roll into July or, perhaps, even August.   The main stumbling block is the stone exterior which also has some other work backed up.   Weather and some equipment delivery delays have also hindered the project’s scheduled completion.   Despite the delay, Commissioner Michael Taylor commented that it is important to get the building “done right”.   



       The Commissioners also heard that the State E-911 Board had disallowed $10,000 the County had spent for road signs.  In the past, the State has allowed the expense to be paid from the County’s E-911 fund.   County Highway Superintendent Phil Cornelius said the signs are to help First Responders on Emergency runs.   Commissioner Taylor remarked that the road markers were the simplest form of emergency information.  Taylor said he would contact the State about the situation.   




     In other business,     The Commissioners agreed to appoint appraisers to look at property the County is interested in purchasing at 215 N.E. 4th Street, and approved the final drawdown for the Volunteer Fire Station on Bedford Road.   


   In the absence of Commissioner Nathan Gabhart, no action was taken on the payoff the WestGate bonds when Commissioner Tom McCracken was adamant he would not vote to proceed with the repayment.   The County Council has approved the repayment of the bonds, which the Council says will save the County several thousand dollars in interest payments.