It’s Cold!

  Some of the coldest temperatures in the state were in South Bend this morning, where it was at 18 below zero with a wind child of -46.

  Not quite that cold here but still dangerously chilly.  Frostbite is eminent if you do not protect yourself.  Meterologist Stephanie Mead…


  We do have a wind chill advisory through 1 pm tomorrow. Wind chills here could reach 25 below at times.

   The coldest temp we measured at WAMW this morning was -3 with a -26 windchill.

  Triple A Hoosier Motor Club and other auto service businesses and organizations say they expect to get double the amount of calls during this bitter cold snap.

Triple A Spokesman Greg Seiter says battery and charging systems take hit in this weather.  Always stay prepared with a flash light, a charged cell phone and a charger, water, non-perishable food and a blanket.  Extra clothes are also a good idea along with an ice scraper, windshield deicer, tools and warning flares.  It’s also always good to have a full tank of gas today.

Also remember even if there is no snow accumulation where you are, moisture has frozen and there is ice and there are slick spots so go slow.