Lena Dunn Cafeteria money investigation

Missing funds have resulted in a case against a former manager of the Lena Dunn Elementary School Cafeteria.

         The Washington Times Herald is     (washtimesherald.com)    reporting that a State Board of Accounts report issued on Friday said that Tracy Cissell was being investigated.

      Cissell worked as manager from March 2017 through January 2018 and according to the report, Cissell did not make timely deposits of checks into the school lunch funds which was her job. The report showed a nearly $2900 shortfall.

        The newspaper story says the report shows that over $1600 was recovered in January this year and Cissell paid over $900 in restitution which still left the account over $300 short.   Cissell was then charged nearly $1800 in special investigation costs and owes over $2100 currently. 

        The audit was shaired with Washington Community Schools and local police, the prosecutor’s office and state Attorney General.