WCSC holds budget hearing

No public comment was heard at a public hearing concerning the Washington Community School budget.

        As usual, higher estimated figures will be sent to the state in order to protect unanticipated drops to assessed valuation.  The Washington Times Herald   (www.washtimesherald.com) reports school officials believe the school tax rate will be lower next year even though the advertised rate is higher.  Last year the advertised rate was 1.97 and the rate came back to be 97 cents per $100 of assessed valuation.  School Superintendent Dr. Dan Roach says this year’s advertised rate is 1.61.

        Starting in January Roach says there will different names for the funds and fewer funds to operate out of.   The Transportation, Bus Replacement and the Capital Projects funds have all been put in one fund called the Operations Fund.  The changes were made by the state.

        Final budget approval at Washington Community Schools is set for September 20th.