More warrants served in toddler death case

Police looking at social media pages of several of Shaylyn Ammerman’s family members.


New search warrants were issued this week in the death of 1 year old Shaylyn Ammerman, who was raped and murdered in Owen County in March. Kyle Parker was arrested and charged with the crime, but the new search warrants show that state police may not be through with the case.

The search warrants are for social media accounts, including the Facebook accounts of nine people that include Ammerman’s mother, father, her paternal grandmother and Parker.

Facebook must turn over the records within 20 days.

Shawn Boyne, a law professor with the Robert McKinney School of Law, who is NOT connected with the case says in his opinion  there’s not a lot of detail on who police are suspecting of what.  He says the bottom line is they don’t think they know everything about what went down.

Boyne is not connected with the case.

Ammerman’s grandmother told a TV station that the family has nothing to hide.