Right to annual banquet recognized several people throughout the night

The Daviess-Martin-Pike Co. Right to Life Banquet was held on Thursday evening at the Simon J. Graber Building.  The Clinton/Bridget Lawyer family was honored as the 2020 Adoptive Family as they have adopted 4 children to go with three of their own.  Mary Jo Sellers along with Jeff Collison, Chuck Wichman, Steve, & Nancy Wichman all received the 2020 Community Service Award for their many years of service to the Right to Life Organization and to the community.  Mike Fichter the Indiana Right to Life President was there to introduce Todd Rokita who is running for Attorney General.  U.S. Senator Mike Braun was the Main Speaker for the evening and spoke of the work that lay ahead for the U.S. Senate in the Confirmation of a Surpreme Court Justice Amy Comey Barrett. 

The Senator did not mingle with the crowd and when he arrived was taken to a room near the stage area for his protection.  All attendees to the Banquet wore masks and were following the guidelines set down by the Health Dept.  This was the 44th straight year for the Right to Life Banquet which now features residents from Daviess, Martin, and Pike Counties. This years banquet was attended by 325 people