Council hears report on ambulance service

        In its first 6 months of operation, the Daviess County Ambulance Service made 2000 runs. That was more than anticipated according to hospital CEO Keith Miller who presented an annual report to the Daviess County Council on Wednesday.  Miller said based on that number they expect to make about 4000 to 4500 runs this year. 

        He added that Cannelburg was a new location for an ambulance station and skeptics were surprised that 300 of those 2000 runs in 2019 came from that area.  He says that shows there was a need for a station in that part of the county.  Miller reported that the ambulance service should be moving into a new station in Odon next week. 

        The DCH Ambulance service became the county ambulance service last July.  Miller said they have invested a million dollars in the service which  saw net income in 2019.