Deer Firearms Season fast approaching

Deer firearms season runs from Nov. 16 to Dec. 1. The deer firearms license allows one deer to be taken with that license, and it must be a buck. If you want to take a doe with a firearm during the firearms season, a bonus antlerless license, resident youth combo hunt/trap license, deer license bundle, or lifetime license is required.

The doe counts toward that county’s bonus antlerless bag limit for resident youth, lifetime, and bundle license holders. Some DNR properties have restrictions on bonus antlerless deer that can be taken.

You can purchase your license online, at a retailer, or over the phone/in-person through our Customer Service Center (317-232-4200) during normal business hours.

Resident youth must purchase a youth hunt/trap combo license, which includes deer hunting privileges.

If you buy your license online, do you know your username (email address) and password? Has your email changed recently? Log in now to make sure you have the correct information. If you aren’t sure, click on the appropriate links to find your username or reset your password, or call 317-232-4200 during normal business hours for assistance.

An online account can be used to purchase licenses only for the person whose name and customer ID is on the account, with the exception of youth hunting and trapping licenses that may be purchased through an adult’s account.

If you get your license at a retailer, buy early to avoid long lines. A list of license retailers can be found online. Be sure to check your license for accuracy before you leave the store.