Senator Braun talks about impeachment and Medicare for all

(NETWORK INDIANA) US Senator Mike Braun of Jasper says he’s not seeing enough evidence to remove President Trump from office.

“The quid pro quo seems to be an interpretation and not to where there actually was one,” Braun said. “I think that makes a difference.”

Like many other Republicans, Braun says he’s suspicious of the integrity of the impeachment probe. He says Democrats have been talking about impeachment since the 2016 election, without any probable cause.

Braun expects the impeachment inquiry will come under intense scrutiny going forward.

“How did it get started? What was the motivation? Was the process good,” Braun rhetorically asked. “It runs into a lot of discussion here going forward, regardless of what they do in the house.”

If impeachment indictments make it to the Senate, Braun says Republicans are unlikely to vote for removing Trump.

The Senator says based on the transcript of the Ukraine call and the depositions Democrats have released, there isn’t clear proof of abuse of office. However, Braun does say there may have been a quid pro quo with Hunter Biden and an energy company in Ukraine.


Medicare for All is completely unaffordable and the idea will get Pres. Trump re-elected in 2020, said Sen. Mike Braun, talking about the cost of the various proposals by Democrat candidates for president on Fox Business.

“It seems like most of my cohorts cut class on 8th grade math and especially on Finance 101,” said Braun. “Even if that’s not the right figure, $32 trillion, you divide that into ten years, that’s the size of our federal government currently in terms of what we spend.”

Braun said if the government spends that much on healthcare, there won’t be money for anything else.

“They (Democrats) never talk about how they’re gonna pay for it,” said Braun. “You cannot keep borrowing money to the tune what we’re currently doing, which is a trillion dollars a year in deficits. When she (Elizabeth Warren) talks about a wealth tax, you couldn’t tax the top two quintiles of all their income and pay for this stuff.”

Braun said he believes providing health care to that extent is “really fantasy land”, and that lawmakers have a lot to talk about, when it comes to health care reform.