Vacated street and alley and phosphorus removal discussed at city meetings

        Vacating an undeveloped street and an undeveloped alley were the main topics of discussion for Washington’s City Council, Monday night.  

        After a public hearing, the Council officially vacated a platted but never developed portion of Florence Street located on the west side of the Steve Wirts Addition off Jersey Street.   The City will continue to have a utility easement through the property which will now be divided between adjoining property owners.    

        The Council also heard a request from Alan Goodwin requesting that the City vacate a never developed alley off S.E. 12th Street.   The Council asked Goodwin to provide the City Attorney with a legal description of the property.     

    During the patron portion of the meeting, a resident of Vine Street asked the City to look into drainage issues along the ditches between Eagle Railcar and his property.   Wastewater Superintendent Scott Rainey told the Council that Eagle Railcar had cleaned out the ditches, but that the ditch was obstructed just outside the City Limits on property owned by CSX Railroad causing the water to backup on the Vine Street property.   The Council asked Rainey to contact the railroad about the problem.

      The Board of Works and Safety met immediately following the Council meeting and approved a contract with Midwestern Engineers for design and inspection services related to the construction of the phosphorus removal plant which has been mandated by the State of Indiana.  The cost could be up to 1.8 million.  Washington will pay Midwest Engineers $180,000 to design the plant and another $156,000 to oversee the construction.  The city will apply for a state grant to help with the cost.  Again the plant is being mandated by the state and new environmental regulations require phosphorus to be removed from the water.

        The Board also discussed drainage problems which are causing erosion along the south edge of Winbrook Drive.