Incidents and arrests from Thursday

-The Daviess County Sheriff’s Department responded to a reckless driver complaint at just before 4-pm Thursday in eastern Daviess County.  Police reports say they were then in pursuit of a dirt bike on 1200-East from Butcher Boulevard.  State Police were involved in the incident and reported that Martin County authorities heard the dirt bike shut off near 350-North near the Causeway. A few minutes later, Jasper State Police reported having a subject in custody.

-There was an accident without injury on Southeast 2nd at about 11 yesterday morning.

-A vehicle hit the speed limit sign in front of Eastgate Manor on East National Highway at 9:23 Thursday morning.

 -Anthony Canary, 71 of Washington was arrested by Washington Police for 2 counts of Operating While Intoxicated, 1 count was a Felony, the other involved Endangerment.  No bond was set.

-Washington Police arrested 47-year-old Virginia Thurman of Washington for Failure to Appear.  Bond was posted.