Missing baby’s family petitioning for Amiah’s Law

(NETWORK INDIANA)  The family of a baby girl missing since March wants a new law passed in Indiana that would stiffen the penalties on parents who don’t report their child missing right away.

Amiah Robertson was 8-months old when she disappeared March 9th in Indianapolis. Robert Lyons, the boyfriend of Amiah’s mother, Amber Robertson, is a suspect but has not been charged with anything in the case.

Patricia Turner, a family member of Amiah’s, started an online petition advocating for a new law that would make it a felony if a parent or guardian does not report a child missing within 48 hours after the child was last seen. Turner said Amiah’s immediate family did not report the baby girl missing until a full week after she was a last seen.

“If someone had reported her missing the first day, the whol outcome could have been different,” Turner said to WISH-TV.”It’s heartbreaking not to know where she’s at, what the true story is. Somebody is coming straight and we want answers.”

Right now, Indiana has no such law that penalizes parents for failing to report their child missing in a timely manner. Turner’s online petition to change that has gotten 3,200 signatures since it was started in May.

“It needs to be a nationwide law, it shouldn’t just be state to state,” Turner added. “It’s sad. You shouldn’t have to be told to report your child missing. If they are missing you report it immediately.”

Turner hopes if the legislation is passed it will not only lead to answers for Amiah, but prevent another family from going through this too.