Washington’s Trevin Alford moves on

        Trevin Alford of Washington advanced in week two of the Kids Baking Championship.

        Episode 2 of the 7th season aired last night on Food Network. The episode was called Deserts to the Rescue as the eight bakers were asked to defend Bird Island or Pig Island in a round inspired by the Angry Birds 2 movie. Each baker made dozen cupcakes based on a movie character, then they team up to build an edible island.  Trevin, age 13,  made cupcakes in the likeness of the movie character “Gary”.

        In the end, Trevin and his partner Tarak received special recognition from show co-host Valerie Bertanelli.

        If you missed it, the show will run again on Food Network tomorrow at midnight tonight, and on Saturday at 1-pm.  If you have a Hulu subscription you can also find it there.