Hepatitis A found in BWW employee in Vincennes

         Anyone who ate at Buffalo Wild Wings in Vincennes last week needs to be vaccinated for Hepatitis A.

        That was the warning from the Knox County Health Department yesterday as they said a recent investigation discovered an employee of the restaurant and sports bar tested positive for the disease and was on duty preparing food Sunday June 30th and Monday July 1st.

        The Health Department will be offering free shots 7 to 5 on Friday at their offices on South 5th in Vincennes.

        Officials say it’s rare for a patron to get sick because of such an incident but are offering the free vaccinations as a precaution.

        If you did eat there, watch for symptoms over the next two months including loss of appetite, naseau, fatigue, stomach pain, fever, discolored urine and stools. Yellowing of the skin may also occur.  It takes 7 weeks to get ill after being exposed to the viral infection.