Traditional intersection coming to 57 and Meridian

       The Indiana Department of Transportation has looked at several options and say that changing the Y intersection of South Meridian and State Road 57 to a traditional 90 degree intersection will make the area safer for area motorists. 

        Project manager Laura Phillippe and WSB representative Rusty Holt outlined the plans and heard comments from area residents and business owners at a public meeting Thursday night.   Holt said the intersection has a high incidence of rear-end accidents.  Two-thirds of which involve southbound traffic on Meridian.

         Dan Gress of Don Gress Construction said the current Y-intersection creates safety concerns for large trucks pulling out of Tharp Street onto Hwy 57.   Tara Brower wth the Edwards Jones Office told Holt that she had called in several accidents that occurred in front of her office.  Lindsey Harner, the owner of Reid’s Deli is concerned that the proposed plan would take 10 feet off the south side of her restaurant’s parking lot.  Harner said the loss of each parking space will cost her money as her lot is full every day.  Rusty Holt with WSB said surveys showed the parking lot edges onto state owned right-of-way. 

          INDOT will widen SR 57 on the west side to allow for two traffic lanes and a left-turn lane at the intersection.  A 90 degree Meridian Street intersection with SR 57 just south of the parking lot of Reid’s Deli will be created while a second intersection will be created for Tharp Street.    

      The plan would remove Meridian Street access to  Gress Construction and  the Edward Jones office.  Access for those two businesses would be from Tharp Street.  A house just north of Edward Jones will be provided driveway access to Meridian Street.

        Work is scheduled to start in the spring of next year and last through the summer of 2020.