Ordinances passed and Engineer hired to get the Business 50 Project going

        Washington’s City Council passed ordinances setting up a construction account that will be used for the State of Indiana to funnel its $15 million share of the Business 50 upgrade project.   The City of Washington will be responsible for a little more than $2 million of the road’s repair.   The city council also selected VS Engineering to do survey work on the west third of the old U.S. 50 project.   Mayor Wellman said the City is excited to get started on the project, which he called a good long term deal.  

       Discussing roads, Mayor Wellman, held up a photo of a six inch deep pot hole on Old 50 to emphasize the importance of the city taking care of the road. He commented on how long it took the state to repair it.  



       The Mayor said the Street Department has a new “hot box” which allows them to use asphalt in cold weather.  He says crews will be out working on streets, beginning on the west side and moving east, as soon as the weather breaks.