Over 5000 traffic stops made during Thanksgiving weekend’s Operation CARE blitz.

The Indiana State Police have released results of their Thanksgiving Operation CARE campaign.  CARE is the Combined Accident Reduction Effort created in 1977 and involves police cracking down on those who violate traffic laws including seat belt violations and drunken driving.

        Operation CARE ran from November 21st to the 25th, which was Thanksgiving Weekend last week. 

        Statewide, state troopers stopped over 5600 vehicles.   Nearly 1700 speeding tickets were given out, there were 91 seat belt violations found.  There were 51 DUI’s.  79 people were arrested on felonies.  There were a total of 385 crashes on Indiana Interstates and US Highways.  41 people were injured in those crashes, one person died.

        Also, troopers reported assisting nearly 1400 motorists along the side of the road. All of that took place last Thursday through Sunday.