Area cities and towns awarded Community Crossing funds

        Washington, Odon and Plainville will receive a portion of the $100 million in state matching funds for local road projects through the Next Level Road: Community Crossings Initiative.

     Community Crossings was created 10 years ago by the General Assembly. Funds are awarded from the state’s local road and bridge matching grant fund.  Local governments must provide local matching funds to qualify for funding.  Larger cities and communities have to put up 50% while smaller ones need to match 25%.  Local cities and communities have to also submit an asset management plan for maintaining existing roads and bridges to be eligible for funds.

           283 cities, towns and communities will share $100 million.     

     Washington will receive, $325,000, Odon nearly $195,000, Plainville gets over $108,000.  Petersburg is getting nearly $202,000, and Winslow almost $87,000.  Shoals is getting over $150,000 and Bicknell over $319,000.

    See the state’s news release and follow a link what cities received funds by going  here.