Local Democrat Party fielding candidates

(Daviess County Democrat Chair, Ron Critchlow)


The Daviess County Democrat Party has several candidates on the November ballot. That’s after none had filed to be on the primary ballot in May.

        Current Daviess County Democrat Party Chair talked with WAMW this past weekend about how he recruited candidates to run in a GOP dominated county…

                Critchlow added he reached out to younger people, which he defined as under 40.  He says younger people are more open minded about change.  One of his candidates is just 18 which Critchlow says is likely a first in the county.

        Currently there are 6 contested races in November.  They are for County Council Districts 1, 2 and 4, County Commissioner District 2 and two Township Trustee Offices.


(hear the entire interview with Ron on WAMW’s Focus on the Community).