Drivers using unofficial I69 detour in Martinsville have residents grumbling

People who live along and use Hacker Creek Road in Martinsville are upset because drivers are using it as an unofficial detour around the I-69 construction, according to RTV6.

“It’s a country road. It’s not made for the kind of traffic that’s been put on it,” said Travis Noragon, Martinsville resident.

Because of all the exit closures on I-69 stretching from Indianapolis down to Bloomington, drivers have found an alternate route.

“It’s been a nightmare. And it’s not over. It just keeps going and going,” said Melvin Riggs, Martinsville resident.

In addition to the extra traffic on a narrow road, the extra vehicles are causing it to deteriorate.

“We’ve made several complaints and they all just say ‘Well we don’t have time for that.'”

The Indiana Department of Transportation says they will consult with the Morgan County highway department to put up signage that signals ‘local traffic only’ to deter out of town drivers.