Woman pleads guilty in motor vehicle death case

A woman has pleaded guilty in connection with an accident in February of last year that resulted in a death.

        40-year-old Heather Christmas of Loogootee pleaded guilty yesterday to Operating a Vehicle with a BAC of .15 or more and Causing Death. 

        On February 17th 2017, at 8:30pm, police were called to County Road 1200-East south of 500-North at West Boggs Lake. When officers arrived, a woman, Joyce D. Christmas of Loogootee was still in the car and deputies immediately went in to extract her.  She was taken to Daviess Community Hospital and pronounced dead. 

        Authorities determined that Christmas’ daughter, Heather was the driver of the car. It went off the road and hit several cable barriers and went into the water. 

        Reports say, the younger Christmas test .25% alcohol concentration.  She faces a five year sentencing.  A sentencing hearing is June 11.th.