City Council hears Treasurer’s report and parking changing at Annex site

The majority of money spent by the city of Washington last year was for salaries.

        That was the summary of City Clerk-Treasurer Beth McGookey’s annual report to the city council last night.  The report, totaling 50 pages, outlined money coming in and going out for 2017. She said the city had a little over $60 million in income and $59.9 million in expenditures.  In addition to salaries, another big expense in 2017 was paying off the city’s newest fire truck.

        The Board of Public Works and Safety has approved a request from the county concerning parking in the area where the new courthouse annex will be built.  The change in parking is to accommodate construction workers working on the new building.  The board approved limiting parking on Northeast 3rd and 4th and East Hefron to be for construction only.  No trailers will be allowed on the streets, and the County will be responsible for all signage.  The construction parking will go into effect as soon as the signage is in place.  Board member David Dahl acknowledged it will be a headache for people living and working in the area but when the project is complete it’ll be better.  The construction is expected to last 13 months and start very soon.