Rivers are Rising

        River Flood Warnings continue for the area’s rivers.

        At Edwardsport the river is reaching the 15 foot flood stage and will continue to rise.  It’s expected to reach about 21 feet by Tuesday.

        At Petersburg the White is getting close to the 16 foot flood stage and will rise to about 23.5 by late next week.

        On the East Fork White Shoals, the observation last night was 11.5.  Flood stage is 20 feet and the river will get there tomorrow and continue to rise to nearly 22 feet by early mid-week next week.

        A flood warning is also in effect for the Wabash.  At Vincennes last night it was measured at 10.5 feet and will rise to 24.5 feet by Friday evening.  Flood stage is 16 feet.

For more information check out the NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service.