Evansville and New Albany School Threats Result in Arrests

–An 18 year old student at Central High School in Evansville was arrested Friday for making a pretty clear online threat to his school.   When investigators found out who it was through an IP address they learning he posted the comment to cause school to be cancelled on Friday.  He said he was worried he would be referred to court because of multiple absences from school.  The Evansville Central student faces Felony Intimidation and Disorderly Conduct Charges.

— Police say a 16-year-old former student is in custody following what they call “concerning social media posts” about a southern Indiana high school.  New Albany Police Chief Todd Bailey says in a statement that charges are pending but are likely to include felony Intimidation.  Bailey said in a recorded phone call to New Albany High School parents Friday afternoon that additional officers were posted at school as a precaution.   He went on to say that police and school officials didn’t believe there was “a viable threat toward the school” and that “students were never in harm’s way.”Bailey disclosed no other details about the social media posts.