Charlie Brown Tree Turning Heads

A community Christmas tree erected in Vincennes is winning mixed reviews for its likeness to the scrawny tree featured in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Business owner Doug Halter spearheads Vincennes’ community Christmas tree that’s erected annually in the same prominent location.

This year he chose a gangly, 70-foot pine tree and hung a large red ball from its highest limb. The look is reminiscent of the 1965 “Charlie Brown” television classic’s misshapen tree straining under the weight of a single red ornament.

But some local residents took to social media to criticize the tree.

Cheryl Hacker is Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum’s assistant. She tells the Vincennes Sun-Commercial many of the tree’s critics were simply confused, but once “they realized it was a Charlie Brown tree” they got the joke.