Daviess Co. Commissioners: Courthouse Window Replacement will be Costly and a Reluctant Vote to Pay Insurance Claim

          The Daviess County Commissioners worked through a lengthy agenda at a regular session on Tuesday.  They approved the appointments of Phil Jolliff and Tom Nugent to the County Advisory Plan Commission and Shelly Fuhs to the Visitors Bureau Board.  

            In financial matters, the Commissioners agreed to transfer $4,600 from the Commissioners Building Fund to the Courthouse Maintenance Fund.  The Commissioners also approved spending $14,300 for the renewal of a service agreement with Motorola to maintain the Sheriff Departments radio equipment.  

        In other matters, the Commissioners agreed to advertise for a owners representative to supervise the construction of the Courthouse Annex project.   The Commissioners also heard a presentation from Michael Conway of Architura Corporation.  Conway discussed the planned window replacement project at the Courthouse.  The 90-year old steel frame windows need replaced, but, because of the Courthouse’s status on the National Register of Historic Buildings the replacement windows must replicate the original windows.  Conway projected a cost of $822,000 for the project.   


          The Commissioners also reluctantly agreed to pay a claim from their insurance company to meet the deductible for the insurance company’s work on a lawsuit where the plaintiff argued the unsafe state of traffic on a county road created an accident and they sued the County.  However, the road in question was not a Daviess County Road.  Despite the fact the County was no longer a party in the suit, the insurance company charged for its work on the matter.