Can pot help the opioid crisis?


(NETWORK IN)  Could medical marijuana help with the state’s opioid epidemic? One Republican state lawmaker is willing to consider the possibility, and is researching the topic.

Rep. Jim Lucas, of Seymour, said he’s heard from people in his district who say they have been helped.

Attorney General Curtis Hill has expressed his displeasure with the idea. In an op-ed piece published across the state he said he believes marijuana is a dangerous drug.

The American Legion, an organization that takes up veterans causes, plans to ask Congress to classify marijuana as a drug that has medicinal value.

Traditionally it has been Indiana Democrat lawmakers who have supported bills to legalize forms of marijuana, like state Sen. Karen Talian, of Portage, who pushed for the bill that legalized CBD oil in this year’s legislative session. But, having a Republican acknowledge the possibilities of looking into medical pot is a different turn.

Lucas said he’s willing to consider whether or not it could help with the state’s opioid crisis.