School traffic is back on the roads

            School is back in session or will be for most of the region by the end of this week…state officials want you to be sure and brush up on your school bus safety rules and regulations.

        Indiana State Police officials say they receive complaints, almost daily, from school bus drivers, parents and others about motorists who do not stop for school buses when required. They say distracted driving is no doubt a contributing factor.

        Remember when a flashing yellow light is seen on a school bus, slow down and prepare to stop.  Someone is getting on or off the bus.  Once it stops, the bus will display red flashing lights and extend the stop arm.  Motorists must stop and not pass.  All motorists must stop on a two lane roads and on multi lane roads with no barrier between the lanes.  If there is a barrier, only the traffic behind the bus must stop.

        Those who disregard stop arms and yellow lights on school busses commit a Class A infraction and could receive and up to $10,000 fine.