Vincennes Board of Trustees Vote to Accept Ownership of Kimmell Park

IF the City of Vincennes agrees, the Vincennes University Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to accept ownership of Kimmell Park, upon the condition that the property will continue to be used as a public park. The resolution adopted by the VU Board states that the property would revert to the City in the event the University fails to continue to use and maintain the property as a public park.

On November 18th, the Vincennes City Parks Board voted in favor of a resolution that supports transferring the property to the University, citing VU’s commitment to proceed with the $2.5 million major upgrade to Kimmell Park that would benefit the public as well as students on VU’s adjacent 173-acre campus.

As part of the plan, VU is committed to working with the Department of Natural Resources to ensure enhanced public access to the Wabash River and to protect the park’s existing historical open shelter house and open fire pits, constructed in the 1930s.

The issue of transferring the park property is expected to be on the agenda of the Vincennes City Council on December 14th.