Senate wants to review Ivy Tech grad rates


The budget which senators will vote on this week singles out two Indiana colleges for an in-depth review.

Senate Appropriations Chairman Luke Kenley‘s budget calls on the Commission for Higher Education to look into Ivy Tech‘s low completion rates. Just four-percent of Ivy Tech students earn their degree on time — 28-percent of Ivy Tech students manage it within six years. Both figures are the lowest of any state institution in Indiana. Kenley says he‘s visited several Ivy Tech campuses and met with the college‘s administrators, and says no one‘s sure why Ivy Tech graduation rates are so low, even compared to other community colleges. He suggests the commission should look at whether eliminating some course offerings would make a difference. Kenley also wants a review of I-P-F-W. He notes northeast Indiana is growing, and questions whether I-P-F-W is keeping up with that growth.