27-Year-Old Arrested and Charged with Felonies and Misdemeanor in Jasper Stabbing Incident


A 27-year-old, Jessie Dearborn, has been arrested and charged with multiple felonies and a misdemeanor after a stabbing incident in Jasper. On March 13, at around 6:42 am, the Jasper Police Department responded to a stabbing at 958 W Division Road. Upon arrival, all parties involved were found inside the residence. Upon investigation, it was discovered that Dearborn had allegedly stabbed a male resident of the home, causing minor injuries to his chest and hand. Dearborn was found to require a mental evaluation and was taken to Memorial Hospital before being transported to the Dubois County Security Center. Dearborn is facing charges of Aggravated Battery (Level 3 Felony), Domestic Battery w/ a Deadly Weapon (Level 5 Felony), and Invasion of Privacy (Class A Misdemeanor) and remains in custody at the Dubois County Security Center.