One new diagnosis in Knox Co. while 1 is released from quarantine

The Knox County Health Department has been notified this morning
of a newly diagnosed COVID-19 patient. This patient is quarantined at their home and all
contacts have been notified and placed in isolation at their homes.
Meanwhile, one previously diagnosed COVID-19 resident of the county has been released from  quarantine today, after not showing symptoms for at least 14 days. At this time, there are five actively quarantined patients out of the 19 cases diagnosed. Another patient is expected to be  released on Friday.

The public is still encouraged to remain at home at this time. If you need to leave your home for  essential work, or to shop for necessities and essential food or supplies, you need to practice  social distancing. Please be cautious when touching objects and wash your hands often and  effectively. Being diligent in this daily activity will help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.