Salute the Front Line!

WAMW wants to say THANK YOU to all who entered loved ones in our Salute the Frontline contest. We were able to give these hardworking listeners prizes and we were able to recognize all of their hard word. Another huge THANK YOU to our sponsors: TrueScripts in Washington, Daviess-Martin REMC, Grain Processing Corporation in Washington, Ed Lee Mortuary  and and Ron Arnold for Daviess County Commissioner District 1!

Winners received gift cards to a participating restaurant:
Jimbos Pizza and Wings
The Bakery House
El Mazatlan
Knepps Restaurant
The Knights of Columbus in Washington
Aces Restaurant

Below are winners from each week:

April 24th Winners:

Winner #1: Cindy Kalberer, nominated by Sandy Davis. Cindy works at Daviess Community Hospital. “Cindy has been employed as the Admission Clerk at DCH for the last 45 years. She loves her job and is right up front like so many others dealing closely with Covid19. Cindy is doing so while living with Multiple Sclerosis! She is the epitome of strength, dedication & commitment. She’s special why, because she is also my twin sister!”

Winner #2: Tyler Bunte, nominated by Nick Bunte. Tyler works at Good Samaritan Hospital – Convenient Care Clinic / Covid Clinic. “My wife deserves to be nominated because she has sacrificed herself to be a part of the front lines of defense for the Covid clinic at Good Samaritan Hospital. Our family is very proud of her and all she’s done to help the cause!”

Winner #3: Serena Parkinson, nominated by Jackie Sullivan. Serena works at Daviess Community Hospital. “She works 12 hour shifts at the hospital and at the same time cares for her 4 children who have to keep up with their e-learning during this crisis.”


May 1st winners:

Winner #1: Hilary Martin, nominated by Denise Walden. Hilary works at Good Samaritan Hospital. “She works in the ER and has two toddler twins at home. She also works nights, also. Very difficult because she works weekends and comes home and husband works days and her parents are high risk for COVID 19 so she has to be careful coming home.”

Winner #2: Megan Stafford, nominated by Deron Baxter. Megan works at Prairie Village Nursing and Rehabilitation. “Even before this Covid happened my sister has always been a hard worker. I know she’s even working harder currently. She is always kind to others and always looking to help out someone any chance she can.”

Winner #3: Marylou Holland, nominated by Angie Mattingly. Marylou works at Daviess Community Hospital. “She has worked all of her life as a caregiver and she is a very caring person and she deserves recognition for all of her hard work and sacrifices.”


May 8th Winners:

Winner #1: Scott Sell, nominated by Joe Wellman. Scott works at Daviess Community Hospital. “Scott serves as an Athletic Trainer at the CORE Center & in area schools. He also serves in Strategic Development for the Hospital & has helped the hospital prepare for COVID-19 response.”

Winner #2: Kathy Sullender, nominated by Mallory Swartzentruber. Kathy works at the Daviess County Health Department. “Kathy works long tireless hours around the clock including weekends to investigate COVID-19 cases. She does so much for the health department including management of the department and provides education to the community. She is a leader and mentor to so many. She is kind and her heart for the community is evident by her passion to provide services and resources to the under-served. She is amazing and deserves this!”

Winner #3: Kristi McWilliams, nominated by Sondra McWilliams. Kristi works at Dr. Stephen Cullen’s Office. “I would like to nominate the whole office if I could. Most of them and their spouses are essential works and they all have families. Most have small children and I’m sure they worry about taking this home to their family every day.”

May 15th Winners:

Winner #1: Angela Brashear, nominated by Donna Worland. Angela works at Ketcham Memorial Center. “My sister Angela is a caring, loving nurse and taking good care of our Mom Norma VanLue and all the residents there. Has been working 12 hour shifts, during this Covid 19 and Ketcham has been hit bad with the virus, she makes the residents smile, comforts them and hold their hand, she is an angel. I know she is emotionally drained, but she is strong and says we will get through this.”

Winner #2: Ellen Gahimer, nominated by Brittany Earl Racey. Ellen works at Daviess Community Hospital. “My mother works at the hospital as a Nurse and is doing the front line for Covid-19 to help save lives of others.”

Winner #3: Crystal Hamm, nominated by Megan Stafford. Crystal works at Prairie Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. “Crystal has been a nurse for 20+ years. Is always going above and beyond to meet the needs of the residents.”

May 22nd Winners:

Winner #1: Angela Garland, nominated by Jacqueline McKinney. Angela works at Daviess Community Hospital. “My mom is a housekeeper at the hospital. She is one of the many workers there helping ensure to keep our hospital clean to help prevent as much as possible the spread of the virus in the hospital. She goes above and beyond at her job.”

Winner #2: Cathy Ochs, nominated by Don & Phyllis Ochs. Cathy works at Daviess Community Hospital. “Cathy is a wonderful nurse and cares for her patience & co-workers very deeply! She does whatever is asked of her. She has isolated herself ( staying in a camper instead of going home ) in order to protect her family from anything she might come in contact with! These are very hard times on all frontline workers, they all deserve to be recognized!”

Winner #3: Michele Taylor, nominated by Thomas Taylor. Michele works at Good Samaritan Hospital. “My wife works for environmental services on the night shift cleaning offices and areas after close for the day making sure the community has a sanitized and clean areas to return to each morning. She has not skipped a beat or missed a day of work since the pandemic started. I commend her and her fellow employees for their hard work and commitment to keeping area hospital clean.”


May 29th Winners:

Winner #1: Teddy Cline, nominated by Sherri Cline. Teddy works at Daviess Community Hospital – Director of EMS. “Teddy is the Director of EMS at DCH. He spends countless hours making sure his EMS crews are safe and provide the best care to all patients. He is on call 24/7 and puts work above all else.”

Winner #2: Ashley Alford, nominated by Clayton Alford. Ashley works at ResCare. “I’m wanting to nominate my wife Ashley. She is a hard worker. She gets up every day with out complaining about having to go to work during this pandemic. She is a caring person.”

Winner #3: Amy Stinson, nominated by Shirley Lythgoe. Amy works at Jasper Memorial Hospital. “Amy is a single mom and has worked in her profession for 20 years.”