You may qualify for energy assistance from PACE

Pace Community Action Agency is still accepting applications for Energy Assistance which provides a financial benefit for a household’s heat source. We recognize that different individuals may find
themselves seeking services due to losing their job or other unexpected situations. The
application and necessary forms are on our website, For more specific details, please call (812) 882-7927 ext. 2.

Energy Assistance Manager, Lisa Ritterskamp, said, “While anyone can apply at this time, if a household indicates that there has been a drastic change in income due to the
sudden loss of earnings within the three months prior to application, the family might be
eligible. Examples of drastic loss may include, but are not limited to, business closing,
company downsizing, or lost employment income due to a medical condition that
prohibits employment.”

During this time, we recognize that some individuals that have never needed to seek
assistance before might be facing financial hardships. We encourage families to reach
out to Pace and see if you qualify for this or other services.