Knox County releases 1st COVID-19 patient

The first COVID-19 patient in Knox County has been released from
quarantine today, after going 14 days of being symptom-free. Positive test results remain at 15 for the county. The rest of the patients are all at home in quarantine and are doing well.

Knox County Health Officer Dr. Alan Stewart does expect to release additional patients and Contacts throughout the week. “I believe our protocol of keeping patients cautiously isolated for two weeks after last showing symptoms is helping prevent the spread of this virus,” Stewart said. “I have research that proves some patients can continue to shed the virus within that extended time-frame, and in essence, continue to infect the population if allowed out of quarantine before the completion of 14 days.”

Knox County’s protocol exceeds the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s federal guidelines for quarantine by 11 days. As patients are released they are being asked to be diligent in their daily activities and to remain socially distant from others, as a precaution.

The public is encouraged to continue to stay at home and practice social distancing when going out for essential items to help prevent the spread of the virus, as well.