Indiana Safety working overtime

        It’s no surprise that Indiana Safety and Supply based in Washington has been working overtime.  They sell safety masks and the personal protective gear is getting shipped as fast as it comes in. 

        National Sales Manager Austin Bush told reporters they’ve sold out of N-95 masks within 36 hours six weeks ago and ordered three million and have not been able to get any. 

        35 people have been working 13 hour days seven days a week.

        The company is getting shipments of surgical masks which reduce the spread of a virus and are more said to be more  practical for the general public to use. … N95 masks, which are tighter fitting, are designed to effectively filter airborne particles 

        Austin told reporters they are getting a shipment of 55 million surgical masks arriving at the facility between now and May 30. But N95s he says are just not available.

Information gleaned from WTHR.