Vehicles in Washington ransacked and burglarized

        Washington Police investigated several reports of vehicle break-ins on Tuesday…

-A resident on East Walnut reported their unlocked car had been gone through overnight. That report was made at 5:45 Tuesday morning. Nothing was reported taken from the vehicle.

-A resident on Winbrook Drive reported their truck ransacked overnight. That report was made at 9:10-am Tuesday.  Police reports say some cash was taken from the center console.

-On Southeast 13th a resident called police at just before 11-am saying someone had tried to break into their vehicle by prying the driver’s side door and the door would not close.  Dents were also in the door. 

-At 12:44-pm, a caller from West Van Trees reported vandalism to their vehicle.  The car had been broken into but nothing was taken. However some profanity was keyed into the rear door on the driver’s side and the convertible top and driver’s side seat had been slashed.

-At just before 5-pm a resident on Morningside Drive discovered their vehicle had been gone through.  $100 was missing. The vehicle was unlocked.

Other police reports…

-Washington Police responded to a derailed train car at the rail dock at 3:19 am on Tuesday morning.  Police logs say it looked like the brakes failed and the rail car rolled and crashed through the stop barrier.  The car was upright but it’s wheel were off of the rails.  CSX was contacted.

-Odon firefighters were summoned to a Race Street home at 10:33 last night.  A caller said there was a small fire in a bathroom but the wall was still smoking.  Firemen were only on scene for a few minutes to check the situation.



-Washington Police arrested a Petersburg woman for Operating While Intoxicated Refusal and Disorderly Conduct.  33-year-old Melissa J. Thomas was taken to the Daviess County Security and booked in without bond.

-Vincennes Police arrested a man at the BP gas station on Shirlee Drive early Tuesday morning.  20-year-old Kyle J. Simpson is charged with Burglary, Possession of Stolen Property and Minor Consuming. He was taken to the Knox County Jail.



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