Mayor-Elect Rhoads announces city department changes

        Washington Mayor-Elect Dave Rhoads has put out his list of some new department heads as he is about a month away from being sworn in as the city’s new leader.

        Rhoads, the current Fire Chief has chosen 22 year fire department veteran Steven Walden to take over as the city’s new fire chief.

        Randy Ennis will take over for Randy Emmons as head of the city’s electric department.  Emmons is retiring and won a seat to the city council year.  Ennis has been with the electric utility for 17 years.

        Also the city’s building commissioner duties will move from the hands of Don Williams to Jon Casper who is currently working for DC Metals and has 20 years of construction experience.  He has a degree from VU in building trades.

        All other department heads including Police Chief, Street Commissioner, and the Superintendents of the Water, Parks and Sewer Departments as well as Animal Control will remain the same.  Tim Dant will also stay on as city attorney.

      Rhoads will be appointing two new members to the Board of Public Works and Safety in January.