Price Less Stores closing

         Price Less Food Stores continue to close in the region due to what is described as a combination of issues not favorable to business.  It was announced last week that a store on the west side of Evansville was going to close which follows the closing of another Evansville location this past spring.  Now, as signs in Washington indicate, the Washington location on the city’s west end is shutting down soon as well.

        According to the Washington Times Herald,  the Ace Hardware Store located inside the grocery store will stay open but be moving to a yet to be named site in Washington.

        Price Less Foods Parent Company is Houchens Industries which is based in Bowling Green, Kentucky and has been around for 101 years.  They own and operate convenience and grocery stores operating under the names of Jr. Food Stores, IGA, Save-A-Lot and Piggly Wiggly.