US Attorney Gen. William Barr will protect Religious Freedom

(photo of William Barr speaking at Notre Dame is from the South Bend Tribune

U.S. Atty. Gen. William Barr said protecting religious freedom is a priority of the Dept. of Justice. He said in a speech at Notre Dame, Friday, that religion and the moral values it provides, is necessary to help people

He said  that having strong morals, grounded in religion, is what the framers of the Contitution  were counting on when they made the US a limited government. He says his Dept. of Justice will protect religious freedom vigorously.

Barr, agin talking about the framers of the Constitution, added that a free society must have the freedom to practice religion

That virtue to handle freedom he said would come from religion or at least morals. Barr says his Dept. of Justice will strongly protect religious freedom.