Animal abuse at Fair Oaks Farms

(NETWORK INDIANA)    A video is going viral of animal abuse taking place at the Fair Oaks Farm in Jasper County.

The video, posted by Animal Recovery Mission, shows workers hitting, kicking, throwing, and force-feeding baby cows over a three month period in which an ARM worker was undercover. ARM said in the video calves are dying from the beatings as well as malnutrition.

They said the workers were being told to cover up discarding their bodies by “taking the back road” so those visiting the farm won’t see.

On top of the abuse, the video appears to show workers at the farm growing marijuana on the Fair Oaks Farm property, using the drugs themselves, and even selling drugs to those in the surrounding area. The video even shows one employee using cocaine.

Dr. Mike McCloskey, a veterinarian with the Farm Oaks Farms, responded to the video on Facebook.

“It is a shock and an eye-opener for us to discover that under our watch, we had employees who showed disregard for our animals, our processes and for the rule of law,” McCloskey said. “A full investigation of all aspects of the video is underway.”

However, Dr. McCloskey said it was concerning that ARM took three months before notifying local police or the owners of the farmer itself of the abuse is “concerning.”



Click here for YouTube video of the abuse