Trash talk at the city council meeting

Washington’s City Council spent most of Monday night’s meeting talking trash…actual trash, that is.   Although the item was not in the agenda, Mayor Wellman reported the City’s Street Department is having problems with large piles of loose trash being left by the roadsides for pick up…



    Street Commissioner Bryan Sergesketter said he did not think it was fair for a 90 year old lady with one small bag of trash per week should be paying the same fee as a landlord who has left a mountain of trash by the road for five weeks in a row.   

    Wellman said the City has ordinances requiring trash to be in containers and which limit the size of items the City will pick up.   The Council told the Mayor to educate Washington’s residents what the City will pick up.  After that, the City’s Code Enforcement Officer will begin citing residents who do not comply with the limitations.  

     In regular business, the Council heard a report that ridership on the City Bus is up by 90% and is on line to reach nearly 18,000 riders this year.  The increase in riders has led to an increase in Federal grant money.