Princeton officer accused of misconduct

          A Princeton, Indiana police officer is facing misconduct charges.    Officer Brandt George allegedly allowed a suspect arrested in a drug investigation to throw a bag of heroin out his police car.  It happened along US 41 back on February 6th during a traffic stop.   The drugs were recovered.    

          According to the Princeton Daily Clarion the suspect was arrested in a traffic stop as Princeton Police were assisting state and federal authorities in a drug investigation.  Officer George had moved the suspect’s handcuffs from the back to the front because his prisoner complained of shoulder pain. 

         The suspect was in the front seat with the officer and told Officer George he had the drugs on his person and offered him $10,000 to throw them out of the window, George refused.  The suspect then threatened the officer and his family. George told investigators he feared for his family’s safety and slowed down and allowed the suspect to ditch the drugs.