County Council discusses Business 50 Upgrade funding

          The Daviess County Council was not yet ready to say yes in helping to pay the local match required by the state in the Business 50 upgrade plan.

          The city’s share of the $25 million project is $3 million. Mayor Joe Wellman went before the Daviess County Commissioners Tuesday asking for the county to help in paying that $3 million saying the upgrade and rebuild of infrastructure under the road as well as the road itself will benefit the entire county. The commissioners agreed to pay $250,000 over four years with Economic Development Tax Funds.  The mayor went before the County Council on Wednesday with the same words; however the council wants to wait before committing the funds.

          The Washington Times Herald says some members of the council felt more comfortable waiting until an analysis of the county’s funds from its financial consultants is presented at their April meeting.  Council President Mike Sprinkle was quoted saying the county’s coffers need to be checked before a decision is made on the 50 project or any other.  Councilman Dave Smith said he’s concerned the money for 50 could cut into other projects and would prefer putting in less or spreading it out longer. 

          Council members individually all expressed their support for the upgrade and gave the Mayor credit for the work that was put in to cut the deal with the state to fix the road.