Congressman Bucshon tweets about national emergency resolution vote

8th District Congressman Larry Bucshon has tweeted his feelings about the recent Democrat vote to terminate the national emergency declared by the President to get money for a physical wall at the US southern border.   Every Democrat in the house and 13 Republicans voted to end the emergency and the resolution to end it did pass 245 to 182.

None of Indiana’s Republican members of Congress voted for the resultion but as we said the two democrats in the state did.

 Bucshon called the vote a “show vote’ and tweeted quote “This is more political theater showing that Washington Democrats are seemingly more concerned about opposing President Trump than supporting policies that put the safety & security of our communities first and address the humanitarian crisis taking place along our southern border,”

The Senate will take up the measure within 18 days. If it passes the Senate, the president has indicated he will veto it.