Dubois County citizen gets scammed

        Scammers are getting cleverer.  They managed to take advantage of a Dubois County resident. 

       County authorities say last night a citizen in Dubois County was called and they were told they were at fault for not appearing for jury duty and faced a fine. The caller said the fine could be paid over the phone using a prepaid card.  Authorities say the most convincing concern about the scam was that the caller ID was that of the Dubois County Courthouse.  The scammer had apparently spoofed or copied the courthouse phone number.  The victim was fooled and paid the money and likely won’t see it returned. 

Authorities remind us that no government agency will demand collection of money over the phone, threaten jail for non-payment or tell you they will send the police to your home to arrest if you don’t pay over the phone.  If you are ever in doubt about a call, hang up and call your local law enforcement agency.