Police reports from Tuesday

-Circle K employees in Washington reported a drive off yesterday morning.  A motorist drove away without paying for over $33 in gasoline.

-Police investigated a break in and a theft from a vehicle on Sunset Avenue in Washington.

-A resident on Northwest 2nd reported someone had entered the back of her home and stole a purse and cell phone. The discovery was made yesterday morning.

-There was a break in reported at a garage on Northwest 3rd. The garage was reported to have been ransacked.

-A motorist said they were on West Walnut last night when a kid ran into the road and they swerved and hit a parked vehicle. There were no injuries.

-Authorities worked an accident last night on Southeast 7th where some parked vehicles were struck.

-In Montgomery, officials were called to an address on 575-East.  Reports say a garbage truck with a hot load was on fire in the street.  Montgomery and Cannelburg firefighters responded.  The trash on fire had been dumped in the road.  575 was closed as the fire was put out and the road cleaned.  There were no injuries. All that happened at 10:36 on Tuesday morning.